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Tired of poor results from topical skincare products?

Lasemd blog >> Tired of poor results from topical skincare products? Lasemd Nano-Serum laser offers the solution
Lasemd solution for poor topical skincare products result
Topical skincare offers weak results because your skin forms a natural protective barrier against things penetrating to the lower layers. This is the function of the skin. Lasemd has overcome this obstacle through a revolutionary scientific development that gives you the power of laser penetration without damaging the skin.

The Lasemd laser is the first of its kind. This laser-assisted treatment takes the new approach to using the power of laser. Using a Thulium laser, this cutting edge technology penetrates the skin forming micro-channels, large enough to allow the powerful Nano-Serum to be absorbed freely into the skin. This scientific breakthrough using nano-technology, means that both the laser channels and the absorbed particles are microscopic in size, giving targeted delivery of active ingredients to the layer of skin that needs it the most.

By using laser rather than needles, the doctor performing the treatment has perfect control over how the laser touches the skin and which part of the skin is affected, while also minimizing damage to the skin by reducing the size of the channel created into the skin and an exact penetration level that is optimized for the best results that show instantly on the patient’s skin texture.

The Lasemd laser is used very briefly within the treatment steps to open the micro-channels in the skin which is done without any damage to the skin, this process takes approximately 6 minutes. The Doctor is not using the laser to peel the patient’s skin which is the reason that there is no downtime or side effects making the treatment safe and efficient.

Once the laser has been used on the skin, the next step is to immediately apply the selected ampoule of Nano-Serum which has nano particles of active ingredients that can be allowed through the micro channels in the skin upper epidermis Because the ampoule does not have preservatives or alcohol, it is a freshly-mixed at the time of treatment before the patient’s eyes. The ampoules are minimalist without any unnecessary chemicals, fragrances, colors or preservatives and have been scientifically developed to give the greatest result of the active ingredients by allowing maximum absorption and absolutely nothing that is not required for the skin rejuvenation such as perfumes, stabilisers, alcohol or parabens.

The problem with all topical skincare is that the skin itself forms a barrier against the treatment resulting in a very low level of active ingredients to be absorbed in topical treatments. The Lasemd Laser takes care of this by offering a futuristic and logical approach to administering skincare to the part of the skin that needs it the most and where it can be absorbed with the greatest impact. This is the only laser treatment that you’ll walk out of looking better than when you walked in.

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