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Scar Removal
Dr. Ahmed, Dermatologist:
My name is Dr. Mohamed Abdullah, I have been working in dermatology for almost 20 years now. And I consider myself blessed to be working as a dermatologist at the time and age that we live in. That of course is thanks to the continuous development of laser technologies in aesthetic medicine. Having a look at my patients will explain why I am saying this. A big percentage of my patients come from the younger generation, mostly youngsters in their tweenies and teenage years, who are suffering from skin problems and are looking for solutions.

Skin lasers have developed so fast in the past few decades that they now offer a treatment for almost any skin problem. Whether it is a laser skin treatment, an acne scar treatment, a pimple scar treatment, or a nose scar treatment, there is a non-surgical device for it. And compared to the surgical option, such devices offer patients a simpler treatment with less downtime and less risk, not to mention a more natural looking result.

The two most frequently requested treatments in my clinic are scar removal treatments and acne scar removal treatments. But despite all the benefits of energy-based treatments, I still get patients asking me whether the #1 scar treatment is a scar treatment cream or whether the best acne scar treatment is a lotion. My answer never changes: laser treatment is the best scar treatment and best acne scar treatment there is, and no cream or mask will offer anything near the laser results.

And there is a reason for that. A laser treatment for scar removal will remove the problem from its roots, because it stimulates the body to reproduce collagen and new healthy body tissue, leading to better results that look more natural. On the other hand, a scar removal cream does not tackle the problem at its roots, as it merely helps reduce its appearance. And the same could be said about surgical scar removal, as the concept in surgery is to remove the scar, not to induce a healing reaction from the body as is the case in laser scar removal. Thus, the results of both, the scar treatment cream, and the scar removal surgery do not look natural, and their treatment quality is in my opinion inferior to that of laser scar removal.

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