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Are there any side-effects?

No, an expected mild transient redness & swelling is normal & will subside rapidly, the doctor may choose to apply topical moisturizer or corticosteroid for convenience.

What to expect after Lasemd treatment?

Skin glowing effect, improved pigmentation, wrinkles & younger skin, some skin crusting may happen within 5-7 days depending on treatment & skin condition.

Is there any pain with Lasemd treatment?

Lasemd treatment requires no anesthesia, it is easily tolerated by most patients due to microbeam diameter of 100µ, warm feeling with minor pin tingling is expected & normal.

How Long is the Downtime?

You can resume your daily activities directly after the treatment, there is no social downtime associated with the treatment.

How many sessions needed in Lasemd Program?

Lasemd program depends on skin condition, the doctor usually decides a number from 3-5 sessions with 2 weeks separating each session.

Are there any precautions or after-treatment care that I need to be aware of ?

You need to make sure that you are applying your sun screen for outdor activities, you will also need to apply the Lasemd serum and cream once per day to ensure the optimal result of the program.

How Much Does Lasemd treatment cost?

Lasemd sessions prices vary from clinic to clinic. Please visit our clinic locator to book you cnsultation at your nearest clinic for more info.

Is Lasemd safe for me?

Lasemd is a gentle treatment with & no complications happen with following clinical guidelines.

Is there any age limitations for Lasemd treatment?

Lasemd program has no age limitations, it can be used for anyone looking for brighter & younger skin.